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100% Modular UI

Kayzen's revolutionary modular structure means that customizing your project has never been easier. With UI elements for every purpose, you can include only the ones you need, keeping your assets lighter and load times faster.

Drag & Drop Page Builder

Instantly create new pages using predefined modules by using the provided drag & drop page builder. Export your pages at the click of a button. Expert coding knowledge not required, just use your mouse to drag & drop!

Unique Configuration

Every configurable aspect of Kayzen can be controlled by editing a single value in the theme's config file. Change the complete look and feel of your project instantly by changing only a few settings. You'll be amazed at how much you can change Kayzen's appearance without changing any HTML! Learn More

Custom Grid system

Kayzen doesn't use Bootstrap or any other third party framework - we have developed our own unique grid system built specifically for Kayzen, offering you more power than any other grid system out there. Expect no less, Kayzen's grid system is built using mobile first principles and is 100% responsive.

Intelligent Theming

Create multiple themes for your project and swap them at the change of a variable. Kayzen's unique theming system allows you to rapidly build multiple themes without altering any of the source code. The code for your theme is automatically generated based on the settings you pass in the configuration file.

Start your new project with a fresh approach...

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Mobile Optimized

Kayzen is not only completely responsive, but it is also totally optimzed for mobile devices by features such as retina ready graphics and touch/swipe support. Built using our own custom responsive grid system and helper classes, you have complete control over your theme's responsiveness.