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Github Page (customers only): https://github.com/esr360/Kayzen/tree/master/assets/modules/elements/modals

Module Overview

  • Name: modal
  • Components: content, close
  • Modifiers: visible, animate[top, bottom, left, right, zoom, spin]


Click Me
<a href="#modal-demo-1">Click Me</a>

<div class="modal" id="modal-demo-1">
    <div class="modal_close"><i class="fa fa-times"></i></div>
    <div class="modal_content">
        <p>Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.</p>


Animate - Left

Click Me
<a href="#modal-demo-2">Click Me</a>

<div class="modal-animate-left" id="modal-demo-2">

Animate - Right

Click Me
<a href="#modal-demo-3">Click Me</a>

<div class="modal-animate-right" id="modal-demo-3">

Animate - Top

Click Me
<a href="#modal-demo-4">Click Me</a>

<div class="modal-animate-top" id="modal-demo-4">

Animate - Bottom

Click Me
<a href="#modal-demo-5">Click Me</a>

<div class="modal-animate-bottom" id="modal-demo-5">

Animate - Zoom

Click Me
<a href="#modal-demo-6">Click Me</a>

<div class="modal-animate-zoom" id="modal-demo-6">

Animate - Spin

Click Me
<a href="#modal-demo-7">Click Me</a>

<div class="modal-animate-spin" id="modal-demo-7">

Animate - Spin & Zoom

Click Me
<a href="#modal-demo-8">Click Me</a>

<div class="modal-animate-spin-zoom" id="modal-demo-8">

Using Data Attributes

<a href="#modal-demo-9" data-modal data-modal-content="Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.">Click Me</a>

Custom Animation Style

<a href="#modal-demo-10" data-modal data-modal-content="Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet." data-modal-style="zoom">Click Me</a>


The modals can be customized using the following options:

Read the Configuration page to learn more about a module's configuration.

Property Name Default Value Description
default-animation left The default animation style modals should use (top, bottom, left, right, spin, zoom).
background color('greyscale', 'grey-1') The background of modal boxes.
text-color base('text-color') The text color of modal boxes.
radius 0 The border radius of modal boxes.
z-index 9 The z-index for modal boxes.
content-padding 2em The padding for the modal content.
close-icon-size font-size('size-3') The font-size for the close icon.
close-icon-color color('greyscale', 'grey-3') The color for the close icon.
close-icon-hover-color color('brand', 'primary') The hover color for the close icon.
close-icon-position (1rem, 1rem) The (top, right) position for the close icon.

To change one of the above values, pass your new value(s) to the modals() mixin in your theme file (e.g. assets/themes/Kayzen/_kayzen.scss).

@include modals((
    'background-color'  : rgba(white, 0.8),
    'radius'            : 0.4em,
    'close-icon-size'   : 2em
Click Me