Earth Slider



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Github Page (customers only): https://github.com/esr360/Kayzen/tree/master/assets/modules/objects/earth-slider

Module Overview

  • Name: earth-slider
  • Modifiers: null
  • Components: null


<section class="section earth-slider">
    <header class="earth-slider_section heading_group-block text-center">
        <div class="container-small">
    <div class="earth-wrapper">
        <div class="earth">               
            <img class="globe" src="../../../assets/images/earth.png" alt="" />
            <div class="pins">
                <div class="pin-wrapper">
                    <div class='pin'></div>
                <div class="pin-wrapper">
                    <div class='pin'></div>
                <div class="pin-wrapper">
                    <div class='pin'></div>
    <nav class="slide-nav">
        <button class="slide-prev icon-border-size-4"><i class="fa fa-angle-left"></i></button>
        <button class="slide-next icon-border-size-4"><i class="fa fa-angle-right"></i></button>


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Custom Starting Section

    startingSection : 1


The Earth Slider can be customized using the following options:

Read the Configuration page to learn more about a module's configuration.

Property Name Default Value Description
globe-spin-duration 35s The amount of time it should take for the earth image to rotate 360 degrees.
pin-active-color color('brand', 'primary') The color for the active pin.
respond-at breakpoint('break-3') The width at which the earth slider should respond for mobile devices.
pin-size 55px The size of the pins.

To change one of the above values, pass your new value(s) to the earth-slider() mixin in your theme file (e.g. assets/themes/Kayzen/_kayzen.scss).

@include earth-slider((
    'globe-spin-duration' : 45s,
    'pin-size'            : 40px